3/4 inch mild steel Pierce delay on holes?

has anyone cut 3/4" mild steel with HT 45xp. Book says 7ipm with edge pierce. I want to fab a bracket with 2 holes and writing to see if anyone has pierce delay for the holes.

Seems to me, since it requires edge pierce at that thickness, I suspect you may not be able to pierce in the middle of the piece for the holes. I could be very wrong, very interested to hear what the experts have to say.

You can not pierce 3\4" with the 45XP, edge start and cut the bracket then drill the holes.

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I wonder if you could drill a smaller hole and edge pierce from it to cut the larger hole.

thanks for your responses. My gut told me that piercing was not an option. One hole is 2" and the other about 3/4" . Will probably use a mill to drill as they have to be pretty precise.

FYI cut the 3/4 plate today with the HT 45xp. 7ipm cut like butter. Straight edge with no bevel and dross came off with a chipping hammer and a little slap disk. Did not try and cut holes. Used drill option on sheetcam to mark centers.

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