2D DXF File COPY PASTE in Fusion360 & Copy Paste Cut Paths

I am only interested in using Fustion360 as a CAM tool. I do my drawing in 2D, in Draftsight and export the files as DXFs (R12 or R14). Then, I just insert the file into Fusion360 so I can assign cut paths etc. But, its nice to actually layout my parts to cut in the CAM rather than in CAD. But it seems the most basic tasks are difficult to figure out… for example, copy and paste things. For a while, I could hit “M” and a dialog box would come up… and there was a check box that said “copy” and I could (sometimes) window select a part and drag a copy of of it around. As of today, this checkbox is missing? Any tips appreciated. I even loaded an “addin” for copy/paste but it only works on “bodies” and isn’t helping. Do I need to make a “selection set” first? Thanks, clueless on this software, very frustrating to not be able to do something as simple and copy and paste.
Also, I’d love to be able to assign cut paths to a simple part, THEN copy and paste it, including the cut paths, so I don’t have to go around selecting a million holes and things over and over. Thanks very much!

I see, I was not in sketch mode. got the checkbox back. BUT, would really still like to be able to copy and paste sketches with toolpaths assigned so I don’t have select them over and over. thanks!

Seems to be a big issue with Fusion Cam. You must select each separate cut path, one at a time. Hopefully someone has a solution, I can’t find anything online. Takes a lot of time with detailed cuts

If you extrude the sketch you can select the entire item at once and fusion will generate every cut path for it.

However if you need different lead in/out for certain areas it will kick back a warning that they can’t be cut with the rest

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There is another post on the forum that covers this topic.
About having to select a bazillion geometries to get a tool path.

any chance you can post a link? I am not seeing it. thank you

Think this is it.

Was an issue about multiple geometries and normal / ROBO dxf file formats .

FUSION does perfectly fine with a svg file also
As long as you stop your sketch and then extrude it. The
CAM / MANUFACTURE setups are a breeze. After that.

I’ve not had an issue with any file I import from INKSCSPE Since. Wether svg, dxf, of dxf ROBO Master format

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