2 Layer sign help please

ok so I have never done anything with layers, and this is as far as I have got.

So the M is one layer and the bottom the 2nd. I will put something on the backside of bottom layer to glue the pieces of the lettering that will fall out.

So I am stuck as to how I create the holes through both layers? My work flow on this was probably all wrong but I did not find much on the very basics of layering. If you can point me at some videos that maybe show the workflow and putting holes through both layers would be great. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to expalin on here as I really need to see it being done.

here is the file
Uof M both layers v4.f3d (198.9 KB)

I just got up. I’ll check it out on the live stream in a few minutes.

A live stream is worth a couple million lines of text and a 1000 pictures.

at about 430am pst

Uof M both layers v4 TIN MOD.f3d (309.6 KB)


add your holes on top layer and copy and paste and remove the things you don’t want on each of the layers. Heading to work but hopefully this helps. i did this drawing for a different reason but concept is the same.

Post pic when you make it


Ok that helped, thank you
I think I need to try and understand components better so I can get better at this.

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Studying the browser bar on the left is key to this.

The browser bar on the left is the logic for all the layers.

It’s set up very similar to a file system on a computer.

Product design online it’s one of the best out there is here’s one of his videos on the difference between bodies and components.


As always, learn something when watching your demonstrations.
AND…very appreciative that you take the time to do this stuff for us.

Thanks @Knick for asking the question.



How i would do it for double layer. You can nest them better to save on metal. Post pics…i’m a state guy myself.

Uof M big house drop out letters.dxf (1.7 MB)
Uof M big house .dxf (2.0 MB)

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