12MM OR 1/2" leveling feet threaded insert for legs

Can someone please share the link to 12mm or 1/2" leveling inserts people are using for caster wheels. I cannot for the life of me find it. I think it was a McMaster link. I dont know the dimensions

Can someone share inside leg measurement? I’m guessing 1.8125" or 48mm?

Use the search function top of screen and search mcmaster…you will see crossfire pro shipping thread…you will find it there…also you will find them at McMaster and amazon with the words you used
I would post the link but I am challenged on a tablet and need a PC to do it right

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Thanks. I found some that someone shared but they were 1-13/16". I was under the impression everything was metric on crossfire so I would think 48mm would be correct size

1-13/16 fits but can be a little loose. the Tubes are 2" outside that’s why the imperial size. Stems are 12mm on the rolling break feet most folks are using (the ones with the pads that screw down.

Thanks…So you’d recommend a little bigger than 1-13/16" if I can find them? I think I found some 48mm ones so that’d be around 2mm bigger.