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General Discussion General Discussion about the CrossFire PRO CNC Plasma Table. Tips and Tricks A place to discuss helpful Tips & Tricks for cutting on the CrossFire PRO. Troubleshooting Discuss any issues and potential fixes for your machine. Assembly A place to discuss your experiences with assembling the CrossFire PRO CNC Plasma Machine. Visit the CrossFire PRO Assembly Guide for more information.
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FIX: Interference From Plasma Cutter Freezing FireControl

Since beginning the delivery of CrossFire PRO machines, our number one priority as a company has been to chase down issues and offer permanent solutions to them. This is evidenced by our frequent updates to THC firmware …

56 July 8, 2020
IHS Triggering Before Torch Touches Plate

We have heard a few people having one or both of the following symptoms: Randomly, the torch will drive down for IHS, but never reach the plate before raising up to fire the torch. Randomly, the torch will drive down f…

7 June 14, 2020
LS-THC Arc Voltage Troubleshooting Guide

LS-THC Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide Purpose: The purpose of this guide is to ensure that your plasma cutter/THC wiring are correct and also that all of your components are functioning properly. There is a separa…

10 May 28, 2020
Windows 7/8 Manual Driver Installation for FireControl

If you are planning to operate your CrossFire PRO machine using a Windows 7/8 computer, we have put together instructions for how to download and manually install the required USB driver for the CrossFirePRO Motion Contr…

4 March 26, 2020
LS-THC Firmware Update for Bug Fixes (Current Version is V1.09 on 5/1/20)

The following guide provides instructions for how to flash the current version of the LS-THC firmware onto your unit using your computer through the USB cable. If you are experiencing any of the issues that are detailed …

3 March 23, 2020
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