Are units being shipped by order number?


Email today said #3882 will be here Monday the 11, Got a guy to wire me up next week, will be using a Hypertherm 65 what size wire and breaker should I use, I have been told a few different things, # 6 wire and 50 amp , #8 wire and 40 amp. Any of this Ok


How many amps does the unit require?

50A with #6 is standard for continuous duty for most 240Volt single phase welders and equipment. With short runs less than 50’ for CSA

Always consult NEC/CSA Code books, and match to manufacturer recommendations as starting inrush current may be much higher than operating current.


Nice! Congrats on your new addiction.


I’m #3881 will be here Monday also…I’m ready to get started putting it together… Have fun…


LOL And i thought i was excited when mine shipped.


i’m order #3926 delivery tomorrow morning!


I am order #4230. Ordered Crossfire table,laptop mount and water table all at once. Just received notification laptop mount has shipped, getting close!!


#4034 Table shipped today


I only ordered my table/ water tray today and I can hardly wait for it to come, #4776. Now I just got to sell my old miller spectrum 375 X-treme and buy a Hypertherm PM 45XP or 65.


I would guess that 4571 will be shipping in a week or two then? Really looking forward to getting my table. Feel like a five year old right before Xmas.


Watch all them vidios while you wait, To the point you want to cry, if its all new to you.


I have been watching the LS videos as well as Lars Christensen from Auto Desk. I have reached a point where I need to practice the things I have learned to cement them in my mind. I have made a few simple items in F360 and simulated the cuts in CAM


I just got pointed toward Inkscape a couple days ago. I took a picture made it into a dxf. Got it ready to cut in Fusion, cut it out today. Pretty cool for a noob like me.


I need to download Inkscape. I do have some jpeg files I would like to convert to dfx and cut out. It will open up the options for clip art as well. I Do plan on using my table mostly for basic geometric shapes as part of my business. This is a economical way to speed up Fabrication in the shop as well as get me over the learning curve of cnc. Someday I would like to step up to a JD2 and be able to cut full sheets.


My table #4034 arrived an hour ago. Time to warm up the garage & start putting it together.


Order #4226, UPS tracking says the table is in transit, arriving Monday. The water table tracking has been processed, ready for UPS.

I ordered mine on January 1st, along with a 60S Plasma cutter from Everlast. The 60S is on backorder, originally they told me it would ship in February. But due to the current trade tarrifs they are not expecting to receive the shipment on their end until March 8th.

I was hoping it would be the other way around, but I still haven’t designed something to cut yet.


I keep thinking about a 60S but my RW45 has not given me any issues but hmmmm the 60S sure keeps calling my name.


So tables just over #4000 are starting to arrive now, and orders around #3500 were arriving in early Jan. Guess than means my order #4789 is so far out that I should be quite proficient in Fusion 360! Plenty of time to modify my Hypertherm 30 and clean the garage.


I hope so I have order #4278 no word on any shipping info for me. They was posting on FB to some other people that they are going to have the Feb. backorders out by the 28th… SOoooOo I guess wait some more and see…


Oder #4230, I ordered Jan 1st. Table is scheduled for delivery tomorrow!